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Don Jr. melts down on Twitter over The Muppets being “canceled”

Don Jr. melts down on Twitter over The Muppets being “canceled”

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Modern American conservatism is all about inventing new issues to get mad about. The Republican Party has nothing substantive to offer voters so its survival depends entirely on cultivating and then exploiting imagined grievances. Their latest pet issue is “cancel culture,” the idea that holding people accountable for their words and actions is somehow unraveling the very fabric of American society. The narrative underpinning this nonexistent campaign of terror requires that new victims be constantly targeted for “canceling” and now it’s gotten to the point where conservatives want us to believe that even fictional characters are in danger.

Donald Trump Jr., who has not shut up since his father left office, tweeted today that The Muppets have been “canceled.” He warned his followers that there is nothing that “these psychos won’t destroy” and that “liberalism is a disease.” Presumably, the “psychos” are the fictional leftists that conservative politicians want us to believe are working to destroy civilization. It goes without saying that The Muppets, a group of beloved puppets with no political affiliation, have not been “canceled.”

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The former president’s son was referring to a decision by Disney+ to include a warning at the beginning of some episodes of The Muppet Show informing viewers that the show contains some “negative depictions” and “mistreatment of people or cultures.” It’s a small, considerate thing that makes sense given the fact that the show aired in the 70s and has some racially and culturally insensitive elements that wouldn’t be aired today. Importantly, Disney has not removed the depictions or excised the episodes from their catalogs. They haven’t been “canceled” they just been contextualized.

There is no way Don Jr. actually cares about a brief warning being placed at the beginning of a TV series that is decades old. He’s pretending to care about this because getting voters worked up about inane nonsense is all the Republicans have at this point. He believes in nothing, stands for nothing, and is actively dumbing down our political discourse.

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