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Ted Cruz plays victim card and profanely lashes out at the people who leaked his wife’s texts

Ted Cruz plays victim card and profanely lashes out at the people who leaked his wife’s texts

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The Republican sense of self-centered privilege and complete lack of concern for their constituents was put on national display last week when Senator Ted Cruz fled the ice storms ravaging the state of Texas for the sunny beaches of Mexico while millions of Texans froze in the darkness.

In response to the avalanche of public backlash and criticism, Ted Cruz has remained defiant in his refusal to learn anything from the incident and seems determined to prove to the nation that he is exactly as terrible a person as he appears to be. Barely a week after the incident, Cruz appeared on a podcast and declared that everyone just needs to “laugh a little bit” and “loosen up.”

Gee, Ted, we’re sure the millions of Texans who no power or running water for a week in subzero temperatures and are now facing outrageously inflated power bills would love to “laugh a little bit” and “loosen up” but cannot do so because of the crushing realities of their material situation. Not all of us have cushy government jobs like Cruz, who seems to think his primary responsibility is shitposting on Twitter about cancel culture and how Facebook is unfairly censoring conservative movie star Kevin Sorbo.

In addition to insinuating that his “let them eat cake” moment was in fact self-care for a man who was just living his truth, Cruz lashed out at the unknown leaker who gave his wife’s text messages to the New York Times, cursing and wondering why people couldn’t just respectfully treat other people as human beings.

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It is maddening to hear him trot out this line because few people have treated their fellow human beings with as little respect or empathy as Ted Cruz has. During his presidential campaign, Cruz declared we should bomb the Middle East so hard we find out if “sand can glow in the dark.” An appalling bigot who often associates with anti-LGBT hate groups, Cruz once told a classmate at Princeton that her mother was a “whore” and was “going to hell” for aborting a child she couldn’t afford to raise. For crying out loud, his entire stated political ideology is founded on refusing to treat people with different beliefs, genders, sexual orientations, and skin colors as human beings!

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So spare us the angry words and the victim complex, Ted. You brought this on yourself and deserve every ounce of criticism you get.

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