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Twitter has a field day mocking Ted Cruz for playing on his phone during Senate hearing

Twitter has a field day mocking Ted Cruz for playing on his phone during Senate hearing

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After trying and failing to sneak off unnoticed to Cancun while his home state was slammed with deadly winter storms and mass power outages, Ted Cruz finds his reputation at perhaps its lowest point to date. By all accounts, the man harbors ambitions of pursuing the Republican nomination for president in the future but the “Ted Fled” image is going to make that much more difficult for him now. Thanks to his decision to take a vacation while his constituents were dying voters can see him for what he truly is:  a power-hungry sociopath who abandons the people he swore to serve right when they need him most.

Knowing that he’s on such thin ice with the general public now, you’d expect Cruz to take extra care to present a version of himself that makes it seem like he cares deeply about his elected responsibilities. Instead, he was caught on camera today fiddling around on his phone while the Senate hearing on the January 6th Capitol riots was underway. Apparently, Cruz simply couldn’t be bothered to listen to the testimony of Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund even though Cruz wants to lead the party that constantly screeches that “Blue Lives Matter.”

Staring at his phone during crucial Senate business isn’t the worse possible thing Cruz could do but it is a perfect visual encapsulation of his entire miserable political persona. The senator has no real interest in bettering the lives of Americans, safeguarding our democracy, or defending the rule of law. Cruz got into politics to make himself feel like a big man, to tug the strings of power in service of his own base ego regardless of the consequences.

The best outcome for Texans would be that they vote this weasely man out of office the first chance they get. Once he’s a private citizen he can spend as much time as he wants playing Angry Birds or watching porn on his phone or whatever it is he’d rather be doing.

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Social media users quickly seized on the image and unloaded a barrage of brutal jokes at the senator’s expense.

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