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Democrat Gerry Connolly tears into Jim Jordan for pushing Trump election lies

Democrat Gerry Connolly tears into Jim Jordan for pushing Trump election lies

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The fight for the soul of the divided Republican party is on as more establishment members of the GOP try to extricate themselves from the damage to their political fortunes and reputations inflicted by the presidency of Donald Trump.

As people like Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney try to chart the course of a party no longer dominated by the orange bully formerly in the White House, you still have the Republican grifters who glommed onto Trump and emulated his pugnacious and offensive style in an attempt to raise their own political capital.

Among these GOPers still waving the Trump flag vociferously, Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) is among the Trumpiest.

Jordan was caught up in two separate controversies today as he pursues his political course guided by the Trump lodestar.

In the first, he was excoriated by fellow Congressman Gerry Connolly (D-VA) during the oversight hearings concerning the U.S. Postal Service for harping on about bipartisanship after spending four years doing everything humanly possible to undermine any trace of a Democratic agenda, including voting against accepting the results of the 2020 electoral college vote.

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In a second controversial incident today, Representative Jordan took a moment away from his hypocritical notion of what bipartisanship actually means — and from denying that he was aware of the sexual abuse of the wrestlers he was coaching when he worked at Ohio State—  to declare in simple terms the mantra of those still in thrall to their disgraced and seditious figurehead.

Jordan’s use of “President Trump” rather than “former president” or “ex-president” suggests that he is still subscribing to the “big lie” — that Joe Biden is only president now because of massive electoral fraud, albeit unproven by any credible evidence.

The Ohio congressman’s defiant statement of fealty naturally inspired much derision on social media as Twitter responders let him have it.

With each of his two embarrassing moments today, Congressman Jim Jordan cements his profile amongst Trump supporters as a worthy member of the deplorable wing of the Republican party.

At this point, one has to wonder why the Romneys and Cheneys in the GOP even bother sticking around, anchored down by all this dead and dumb weight on their shoulders.

It’s time that one faction or the other lay claim to the Republican mantle and the other side break off into their own party…likely guaranteeing victories for Democratic candidates in future elections.

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