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Democratic Congresswoman trolls Marjorie Taylor Greene over her bigotry right outside her own office

Democratic Congresswoman trolls Marjorie Taylor Greene over her bigotry right outside her own office

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Republicans love to cloak their bigotries under the veil of “religious freedom.” Every time Democrats push for some new legislation to ensure that marginalized groups can’t be exploited or discriminated against there is a conservative uproar which really just boils down to them not wanting the kinds of people they dislike to be treated fairly.

Under President Biden’s leadership, the Democratically-controlled Congress is currently charging ahead with the Equality Act, a bill aimed at broadening and strengthening protections for LGBTQ+ individuals. It codifies sexual orientation and gender identity specifically as categories that cannot be discriminated against. As of right now, they still fall under the blanket term “sex.” Essentially, it will expand the Civil Rights Act to protect groups that have been historically mistreated when it comes to areas like housing, employment, federal programs, and even something as simple as trying to shop at a given retailer.

Given that the Equality Act would bring such positive improvements to so many peoples’ lives, the worst people in politics are lining up to oppose it. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the infamous QAnon Congresswoman, has been railing against the Equality Act, invoking God and ranting about transgender people.

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MTG is a frothing ball of unadulterated bigotry in all its forms so it should come as no surprise that she’s a raging transphobe. If she had her way business owners and employers would be free to treat transgender Americans as cruelly as they like with no intervention from the government. Unfortunately for her and her like-minded monsters, Democrats control the House, Senate, and Oval. We should delight in rubbing that fact in her face and Congresswoman Marie Newman (D-IL) has done just that.

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Newman posted a video on her Twitter of her placing a transgender flag outside her office…which just so happens to be directly across the hall from Greene’s. She slammed Greene for trying to stop the Equality Act and delighted in the fact that every time the Republican Congresswoman exits her office she’ll be confronted by a flag that represents the equality she so clearly despises. Beautiful.

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