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Greene fantasizes about bizarre scenario in which she’s half-naked blasting away with her guns

Greene fantasizes about bizarre scenario in which she’s half-naked blasting away with her guns

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), known as the QAnon Congresswoman due to her support of the conspiracy theory that Satanic Democratic pedophiles secretly run the government and regularly engage in human sacrifice, is somehow still serving in the United States Congress. She is clearly unfit for office and yet her fellow Republican officials refuse to hold her accountable for her toxic ideas and her support of the lie that the 2020 election was stolen, a lie that ultimately resulted in a deadly insurrection on Capitol Hill on January 6th.

Rather than counting herself lucky for weathering the storm of scandals that has buffeted her in recent weeks, Greene seems intent on doubling down on her unhinged public persona and continues to tweet out deranged messages to her growing Twitter following. Today, she shared an article from the conservative digital outlet The Daily Wire about a woman escaping through a window in a towel as a gunman broke into her harm.

Greene hijacked the article and engaged in a genuinely bizarre right-wing fantasy by imagining herself “only clad in a towel” as a man with a gun breaks into her house. She insisted that she would not follow the woman’s lead by fleeing but would instead have defended herself with her own guns—presumably transforming her home into some blood-drenched battlefield. She claimed the man would end up “very sorry” and then tried to shoehorn in a faux pro-woman angle by saying that “Gun rights ARE women’s right.”

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There’s a lot of really disturbing psychology on display in this tweet, most notably the choice of scenario she chose to illustrate her broader point. Greene knows that a scantily-clad woman toting weapons of war for the express purpose of ending a human life is like red meat for the heavy-breathing, out-of-shape conservative losers who dress up as soldiers and go parade around courthouses and protest with their assault rifles. For them, there is nothing more titillating than a woman with guns. Doubly so if she’s in just a towel.

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Greene’s pandering takes on an even darker cast when one recalls that she implied that school shootings are actually false flag operations masterminded by liberal activists hoping to stamp down on gun rights. It’s apparently not enough for her to harass Parkland shooting survivors and spread dangerous lies about the nature of these massacres — she also has to fetishize firearms to the point that it’s near impossible for the right and left to have a reasonable conversation about these problems.

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Women of course have a right to protect themselves and gun ownership does make sense for some, especially those living alone in more dangerous areas, but what Greene is offering here is not tied to responsible gun ownership. She’s pandering to those weirdos who have built their entire identities around guns and who stockpile them in their houses just itching for a chance to use them. Until this kind of pseudosexual view of firearms is stamped out this country stands no chance of ending the gun violence epidemic.

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