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Marjorie Taylor-Greene publicly targets Rep. Newman’s daughter in vile show of bigotry

Marjorie Taylor-Greene publicly targets Rep. Newman’s daughter in vile show of bigotry

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Newly elected Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor-Greene has spent the first month of her term in office proving to the nation just what a loathsome and unhinged psychopath she really is, remaining defiant and vindictive as the media unearthed her social media support for appalling white nationalist conspiracy theories. But last night, Taylor-Greene crossed the line and showed us all what a truly vile and heartless woman she is with a personal attack on the transgender daughter of one of her colleagues, Rep. Marie Newman.

Rep. Newman has the distinct misfortune of being office neighbors with Taylor-Greene and yesterday decided to distinguish herself from her hateful colleague and raise attention to the LGBTQ protection legislation she is championing, the Equality Act, by hanging the flag celebrating transgender rights outside her office. Newman’s daughter is trans, so the issue is very personal for her.

In response, the heartless harpy put up a sign outside her office declaring that there were only two genders, a demeaning insult towards Newman’s daughter’s gender identity.

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But just in case the message wasn’t clear enough, this vile woman went took to Twitter and publicly misgendered Newman’s daughter in a transphobic screed that promoted the dangerous smear that trans people are lying about their identities to commit sex crimes.

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The right-wing has never been too concerned with leaving the children of Democratic politicians alone — just look at all the abuse heaped upon Chelsea Clinton as a child — but there once was a modicum of basic respect for one’s colleagues that existed in the United States Congress. But Trump and his repulsive acolytes have tossed aside every last shred of human decency in favor of a shrieking, unfettered hatred devoid of any kind of understanding or any interest in anything other than authoritarian domination.

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The right-wing’s natural inclination towards cruelty and intolerance inevitably led them to seize upon the issue of trans rights as a culture war battlefield, intent on doing everything they can to ostracize and traumatize one of the most vulnerable populations in America — a group who already struggle with a heavy burden of emotional and physical confusion. To publicly victimize a colleague’s child simply for embracing the gender identity they know is who they really are is the lowest of the low.

Seeing as Marjorie Taylor Greene has already proven she is incapable of shame, the only thing left to do is to push for her expulsion from Congress as soon as possible.

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