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Don Jr. faceplants in attempt to mock Biden for visiting storm-stricken Texas

Don Jr. faceplants in attempt to mock Biden for visiting storm-stricken Texas

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While we should all be used to at this point, the right-wing’s ability to just ignore recorded history to suit their twisted, primitive little narratives absolutely melts the brain. Donald Trump Jr. has been on a roll recently, using his Twitter account to snarkily tweet lies about President Joe Biden that, in exasperated irony, his father is guilty of every single time.

Take today’s little missive, where he complained that he wanted to see “competence” on display in response to the Texas ice storms as Biden embarked on a trip to visit the damaged areas.

It is insane that he has the nerve to disparage President Biden’s competence when over 3,000 people died in Puerto Rico thanks to his father’s sadistic decision to drag his feet on dispatching relief to the U.S. territory and the subsequent bungling of the recovery effort. After the fact, he refused to take responsibility and instead engaged in an appalling public feud with Mayor Cruz of San Juan over his rejection of the death toll.

Talk about empathy! Who could forget the iconic image of Donald Trump throwing paper towels into a sea of climate refugees like it was a ball throwing game at Chuck E. Cheese? Or when he told a man who had a boat flung onto his crushed house by Hurricane Florence that at least he had gotten a “free boat?” Or when he signed his name on the wall of a hurricane shelter? 

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Every single time Trump was ever asked to show empathy for anyone other than himself, he failed. Not only did he fail, but he would also go out of his way to insult and demean the very people he was supposed to be comforting.

With Trump you got neither competence nor empathy; with Biden, you know you have both. That’s the difference.

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