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Lauren Boebert struggles to stay coherent in an ocean of CPAC bigotry, lies, and cynical cruelty

Lauren Boebert struggles to stay coherent in an ocean of CPAC bigotry, lies, and cynical cruelty

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Today marked day 3 of the Conservative Political Action Conference, once a smoke-filled back room that has almost overnight transformed into a gas station Klan rally with the complete takeover of the GOP by the most brain-broken and virulently racist Trumpian acolytes.

Long gone are the days where conservatives pretended to care about things like foreign policy and trickle-down economics and hooded their racism with dog whistles and euphemism. The new vanguard of skull-faced goblins and preening harpies that embody the Trumpian GOP are solely concerned with the worship of their foul messiah and raging about enormously petty cultural war grievances. Entirely incapable of articulating anything more sophisticated than DEMOCRATS ARE BAD and fanning the flames of their inflated victim complexes, the CPAC speeches the nation was treated to today ranged from the laughable to the deeply offensive.

Gun-toting food poisoner Lauren Boebert struggled to make sense in her defense of the Republican Party, babbling that “they say we’re that party of ‘no’ but we’re saying no to all of their no’s…They are the party of no! We are saying a big HELL NO to all of their no’s!

“The Big Lie” that Trump somehow had the election stolen from him had its obligatory moment, featuring the House Minority Leader and a sentient mayonnaise jar of cigar ash:

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The characteristic Republican disregard for public safety and the lives of their voters was championed by South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, whose refusal to implement basic lockdown protocols has led to the deaths of nearly 2,000 of her own people — which she cynically twists into being a badge of honor.


Of course, it wouldn’t be a Republican event without a segment of naked, repugnant bigotry against a vulnerable minority:

Tomorrow will see the first major speech by Trump himself since his ignominious departure from the White House. We can already guess what the subject matter will be; the real danger will be what kind of reaction his appearance will spark in his fanatical followers. The takeaways from today’s madness at CPAC are simply that this is who the Republican Party is now and what they always will be, and we must redouble our efforts to ensure their claws never grasp the levers of power in America again. The four years of Trump were just the beginning.

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