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Don Jr. mocked for pathetic video of him slathering praise on his daddy’s CPAC speech

Don Jr. mocked for pathetic video of him slathering praise on his daddy’s CPAC speech

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If Donald Trump Jr. weren’t such a destructive, hateful force in American politics it might actually be possible to feel a little sorry for him. At forty-three years old the man has no identity of his own. Everything in his life is built around the father whose shadow he is unable or uninterested in ever stepping out from.

Don Jr. constantly heaps effusive praise on former president Trump, ignoring the reality of his historically disastrous administration and insisting that his father was the greatest leader this country has ever had. He is desperate for his father’s love and respect and yet no matter how much he debases himself, both seem forever just out of reach.

Today, Junior released a video embarrassingly titled “My Father Just Made His First Speech Since Leaving Office — Wow” about the speech his father gave at CPAC over the weekend. The rambling, paranoid, lie-filled performance from the disgraced former president was bad even by Trump’s subterranean standards but Don Jr. can’t seem to praise it enough — a pathetic if unsurprising response given his refusal at all times to offer even the most tepid of criticisms when it comes to his monstrous father.

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The first truly weird thing one notices about the video is Don Jr.’s voice. It sounds as if he is intentionally trying to mimic the way his father sounds, down to the weird intonations and breathiness. The content is as to be expected: claims that his father saved the Republican Party and charted some imagined bold new direction for the country (conveniently ignoring what will surely prove to be the most remembered element of his legacy: the deadly Capitol insurrection that then-President Trump incited).

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As if to hammer home the point that he has no original thoughts of his own, Don Jr.’s video then cuts away to his father’s inane speech. The words to adequately describe what a pathetic, shriveled soul you have to be to totally subsume yourself to a man like Donald Trump have yet to be invented but if Don Jr. persists in living his life this way we’ll be forced as a species to invent them.

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Given the laughable title of the video, it should come as little surprise that Twitter users delighted in heaping mockery on him.

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