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“Kraken” lawyer Sydney Powell firmly shut down by Supreme Court in lingering Trump election lawsuit

“Kraken” lawyer Sydney Powell firmly shut down by Supreme Court in lingering Trump election lawsuit

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Yesterday Donald Trump resurrected his phony election fraud claims during his keynote address at the annual CPAC conference — a speech in which he attacked a Supreme Court packed with his own nominees for not overturning the election on his behalf.

Today that same Supreme Court underlined the falsity of the rejected former president’s claims by deciding to dismiss without further consideration two leftover lawsuits challenging the election results in Arizona and Wisconsin. That they did so without even an explanatory comment indicates that the cases were so misbegotten that they didn’t even deserve the dignity of a mention by any of the justices.

The two cases, In re Tyler Bowyer, et al. and In Re William Feehan, were both brought by Trump attorney Sydney Powell, the Kracken-invoking lawyer whose track record in winning these election fraud cases on behalf of Trump was marked by a remarkable lack of evidence, sloppy legal work, and a record virtually unblemished by any significant victories before the Supreme Court declined to hear the appeals she filed.

Powell’s work was so maligned that at one point the Trump campaign was forced to issue a statement saying that she was “practicing law on her own” and was not (or was no longer) a part of the Trump legal team.

Powell also managed to attract defamation lawsuits totaling in the billions of dollars by the two voting machine software companies whom she claimed had illegally altered their algorithms to switch votes from Trump to Biden and steal the victory that was rightfully Trump’s.

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While the dismissal of Powell’s appeals in cases related to an election that has long been a fait accompli is not surprising, the Supreme Court’s decision to reject the appeals without comment punctuates Trump’s claims of a stolen election with a strong rebuke quite quickly after his complaints about the Court’s refusal to support his evidence-free assertions.

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The Court’s refusal to rule on the underlying issues in the case — including whether presidential electors have the standing to challenge the outcome of a presidential election for fraud if their candidate is defeated — means that our nation is liable to face this kind of electoral disruption again in the future, particularly since Trump’s “big lie” about a stolen election has lodged its way into the brains of a considerable portion of the Republican base and undermined trust in our nation’s balloting processes.

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Hopefully, the legal news emanating from the Trump camp going forward will be about his defense in the expected multiple criminal and civil cases he can now be prosecuted for since he is no longer a sitting president rather than any further rehashing of his phony election fraud claims.

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Original reporting by Matt Naham at Law & Crime.

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