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Former White House Press Sec. Kayleigh McEnany finds her dream job

Former White House Press Sec. Kayleigh McEnany finds her dream job

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It’s a dilemma that many alumni of the Trump administration must face.

What do you do for a second act after a job where your major responsibilities included promulgating one lie after another to the American public day after day?

Some, like former Press Secretary Sean Spicer, decide to show off their athletic prowess (or lack thereof) on reality TV competition shows like Dancing With the Stars.

Others, like former Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, choose to follow in their daddy’s footsteps and run for the governor of Arkansas.

The one job that makes the most sense for a former Trump administration official, however, particularly one whose job was to affirm Donald Trump’s prevarications on a daily basis, is to join the cast of the Rupert Murdoch-owned lie factory, otherwise known as Fox News.

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Thus the announcement today that Kayleigh McEnany, the final press secretary in a string of people holding that tenuous position in the Trump White House, would be joining Fox News as an on-air “commentator” — a fancy name for those on a news channel absolved of any responsibility for reporting actual facts — was less than surprising.

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It would be difficult to argue that McEnany lacked the qualifications for the position at Fox News.

Her golden blond tresses, all-American pulchritude, and pale complexion fit the mold of the generic female Fox News host as perfected by the aesthetic tastes of the late sexual predator and former head of the news network, Roger Ailes.

It is McEnany’s ability to say things with a straight face that would cause any sentient human being with a conscience to either erupt in disbelief or in fits of outraged laughter that truly makes this job the perfect fit for the unemployed right-wing press flack.

In reality, the only difference between McEnany’s old job as White House Press Secretary and her new role as a Fox News commentator is the source of her paychecks.

McEnany will still be able to push false narratives about the COVID pandemic, the results of the 2020 presidential election, and any other distorted conservative talking point as blithely as ever.

Social media responded to the announcement today with the expected snark.

Add your name to call on prosecutors to ARREST DONALD TRUMP for his crimes!

While McEnany retreats to the right-wing bubble of Fox News, the MAGA mob will welcome her like a comfortable old slipper, fully broken in and redolent of the stench of a well-trodden path of pathetic falsehoods that they so dearly believe despite all rational evidence.

At least they won’t have to absorb any new faces or points of view with this familiar harpy sharing her hot takes on the political issues of the day.

Whatsmore, the unemployment rate among white, blond alumni of the Trump administration will go plummeting as the Biden economic recovery from the devastation of Trump’s COVID failures continues to dig our nation out of the hole the prior administration ineptly fell into.

Fox News and Kayleigh McEnany: a match made in heaven or a demonic marriage of convenience? Your answer probably depends on your political persuasion.

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