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Nation reacts in horror as Texas announces end to mask mandate

Nation reacts in horror as Texas announces end to mask mandate

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Over half a million Americans are dead now due to the right-wing phobia over face masks and social distancing as infringements of their god-given “freedumbs” and the constant stream of reinforcing misinformation about the COVID pandemic that was issued daily by the prior Trump administration and its conservative media minions.

While there is no doubt that the effects of the deadly pandemic have been considerably worse than if a competent administration had been in office and had set a proper example of the guidelines to follow to prevent the unchecked expansion of the virus, one would think that Republicans would have at least been smart enough to learn the lessons of the Trump regime’s failures to properly lead America’s response to COVID, particularly since this what contributed so greatly to their electoral defeat and the loss of control of any branch of the federal government currently.

Yet, still in control of so many state governments, the GOP continues to engage in an insidious form of pandemic denialism that risks turning back the advances against the COVID virus gained by the roll-out of vaccines and the coordinated federal efforts finally put in place by the Biden administration.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that the reaction to Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott’s announcement today that he would rescind the statewide mask mandate and open all businesses in the state to 100% capacity was so incredulous and vehemently angry.

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Coming on the heels of the massive infrastructure problems that Texas faced when a bout of unusually cold weather left millions without power, heat, and clean drinking water, Governor Abbott’s declaration of premature victory over the pandemic left many Texans amazed at the level of insanity and stupidity being passed off as governance in their state.

It certainly sounds like Governor Abbott’s latest move will help seed the ground not only for another spike in COVID cases for the Lone Star State but provide ample fertilizer for a bid by Democrat Beto O’Rourke to seek to replace him in the next election.

Republicans’ penchant for cutting education budgets for decades is finally coming home to roost as the GOP leadership reaches new levels of idiocy.

If Texas were isolated from the rest of the country, one could simply let Governor Abbott dig the graves of his own citizens with his foolish and premature ending of mask mandates and his re-opening of businesses.

Unfortunately, COVID does not recognize state borders, and allowing Texas to become a breeding ground for new and deadlier virus variants — including some that can reinfect people who’ve already had the disease and for which current vaccines may not be effective — is the most asinine and destructive policy decision a corrupt and ignorant politician could make.

Texas, it’s time to rid your state of the biggest problem your state currently faces: a proliferation of incompetent GOP politicians infecting your leadership.

Time to make a change as soon as possible!

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