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Ana Navarro calls out the racist double standard in Jan 6th National Guard response

Ana Navarro calls out the racist double standard in Jan 6th National Guard response

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Despite the Republican Party’s truly craven decision to acquit Donald Trump in his Senate impeachment trial over his role in the January 6th Capitol insurrection, the story of that horrifying day will not be simply disappearing in the rearview mirror. The FBI and Congress are still trying to figure out the exact series of events and the involved parties that resulted in the deadly siege and hopefully more and more of the culprits will be brought to justice in the coming months.

Today, Major General William Walker, who was in command of the National Guard detachment which ultimately intervened to stop the insurrection, told a joint hearing held by the Senate Homeland Security Committee and Senate Rule Committee that Trump’s Department of Defense hesitated in approving the intervention for several hours after it was requested.

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As if that weren’t damning in and of itself, Walker also testified that during the George Floyd protest over the summer he didn’t need higher-level approval to deploy his troops. For some reason though, that freedom was tightened shortly before the Capitol insurrection so that he would need to get the green light from superiors before deploying. If that weren’t enough to raise suspicions, Walker also revealed that in his nineteen of years serving he has never seen this kind of approval process implemented.

The obvious question that arises is why? The answer that immediately presents itself is a grim one: Donald Trump didn’t want the National Guard to intervene against his own supporters, even if they were in the midst of the storming the Capitol with the intent to hunt down members of Congress and his own vice president.

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The View’s Ana Navarro, a Republican who grew increasingly critical of the GOP after it chose Donald Trump as its standard-bearer, addressed Walker’s testimony on Twitter and stated that it’s “not hard” to figure out why the Trump administration handled the George Floyd protests so differently from the MAGA insurrection. She pointed out that most of the protestors engaged in the former were Black people protesting racial inequality while those engaged in the latter were “White Supremacist, domestic terrorists, Trump supporters.”

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“That’s the damn difference. Racism. Period,” she concluded convincingly.

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It’s hard to argue with Navarro’s assessments and it’s in perfect keeping with what we know about the deeply racist, vindictive Trump. He rose to power on bigotry and wielded it to divide the country during his four-year tenure. This is the man who called Nazis “very fine people.” We don’t need to imagine what he thinks of minorities and until a more benign and more importantly convincing explanation is provided we must presume that Navarro is correct.

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