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Democrats unload frustration on lazy Marjorie Taylor Greene for trying to adjourn Congress at 9 AM

Democrats unload frustration on lazy Marjorie Taylor Greene for trying to adjourn Congress at 9 AM

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Even stripped of her committee assignments because of her incendiary rhetoric before taking office, the gun-toting, QAnon believer Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is proving what a disruptive individual she still can be in the House of Representatives.

Unable to influence legislation in the committees that she was initially appointed to before her censure, Greene has taken to simply making motions to adjourn the chambers’ business on a regular basis, an action that, if it were successful, would halt all of the legislative business of Congress and bring the passage of President Joe Biden’s lawmaking agenda to a screeching halt.

Today, Greene made her third attempt in the course of the six days to pull her cynically petulant stunt to try to put a halt to the passage of the LGBTQ Equality Act, voting rights protections, and police reform bills.

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Her actions were decidedly not popular among her Democratic colleagues who see Greene’s obstructionism as simply slowing down the efficiency of the chamber by forcing legislators to return to the House floor for timewasting votes on her motion to adjourn when they should be holding hearings, working on legislation to undo the damages of the Trump era, and meeting in the committees that Greene has been barred from joining.

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Several Democratic representatives took to social media to condemn Congresswoman Greene’s tactic of annoyance as a dereliction of her duty as a member of the House.

Greene’s antics are beginning to even anger her fellow Republicans, who having unanimously backed her initial attempt at adjournment in February, now are beginning to lose patience with her grandstanding delay tactics.

In today’s adjournment vote, 18 members of the GOP crossed party lines to vote against Greene’s motion

Greene’s continued mischief in the House despite her censure surely must be seen as a lesson to the Democratic leadership in the House to stop taking half measures when faced with irreconcilably bad behavior on the part of seditious, QAnon fanatics in the Republican party.

Removing people like Greene from committee assignments is not sufficient punishment for someone whose anti-democratic ethos is so antithetical to the mission of Congress.

She and the other legislators who voted to reject the results of our fairly conducted election should all be ejected from Congress as soon as possible so the lawmakers who take their responsibilities to pass legislation to benefit our country’s citizens seriously can continue their mission unimpeded.

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Original reporting by David Edwards at RawStory and by Andy Towle at TowleRoad.

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