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Ted Cruz responds as caveman after Biden slams reckless Republicans for “Neanderthal thinking”

Ted Cruz responds as caveman after Biden slams reckless Republicans for “Neanderthal thinking”

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President Biden slammed the Republican governors of Texas and Mississippi earlier today for their decision to end their mask mandates as the pandemic continues to rage. He referred to the blatant pandering to business interests at the cost of human lives as a “big mistake” grounded in “Neanderthal thinking.” The characterization is perhaps too kind to Republicans and unfair to the extinct protohumans.

The vaccine rollout is ramping up and by the end of May, it’s predicted that every adult American will have access to it. The safest, most sensible decision would be to wait till at least then to repeal these mask mandates, but Republican politicians simply do not care about saving lives. They were put into power by the rich and the rich demand their blood money.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), a man who has already made his disdain for his constituents abundantly clear by trying to sneak off to Mexico while citizens of the Lone Star state were dying from brutal winter storms, mass power outages, and COVID-19, retweeted a clip of Biden’s neanderthal comments with a GIF from a children’s cartoon of a caveman waving.  “Uniter-in-chief,” wrote Cruz, displaying that penchant for bad faith that has characterized his entire oleaginous career.

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The idea that Biden is somehow dividing this country by advocating for measures that will save American lives is patently absurd, doubly so when one considers that Cruz sat by idle and silent as Trump completely mismanaged the coronavirus pandemic while simultaneously stoking racial and partisan divides.

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Uniting doesn’t mean letting Republicans do whatever they want without criticism no matter the human cost. It means seizing on bipartisan solutions to problems when they emerge but more importantly, it means representing all Americans regardless of political affiliation, and right now the best way to do that is to speak out against the GOP officials endangering them.

Cruz’s inclusion of the waving caveman GIF seems to be him embracing the Neanderthal label in the same way that certain MAGA goons embraced the “deplorable” label after Hillary Clinton correctly identified them as such. It’s a race to the bottom with these people. Rather than taking a moment to consider if perhaps they are behaving like idiotic cavemen instead of responsible public servants they delight in their own stupidity. The list of odious Republicans is long but at this rate, Cruz will be at the very top, just below Trump, in no time.

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