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Marjorie Taylor Greene calls for Biden impeachment with crude Dr. Seuss meme

Marjorie Taylor Greene calls for Biden impeachment with crude Dr. Seuss meme

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), the woman known colloquially as the QAnon Congresswoman due to her support for the deranged idea that Democrats are secretly molesting and sacrificing children in secret Satanic rituals with members of the Deep State, took aim at President Joe Biden and his son on Twitter today.

She tweeted #ImpeachBiden and then attached a meme of Dr. Seuss’s Cat in the Hat character complete with a crude poem mimicking the beloved children’s author’s writing style. It referenced Biden’s imagined “mental haze,” a recurring lie peddled by right-wingers who are unable to admit that the cognitive problems they claimed would sink the now-president’s campaign against Trump never manifested.

The poem also references Biden’s “leftist ways” before taking a cheap shot at Hunter Biden being “on blow,” a reference to his past struggles with cocaine use. Hunter is now clean and his recovery should be celebrated not mocked, but Greene is apparently a woman incapable of feeling empathy. It’s always the conservative so-called “Christians” who are the most eager to be cruel to others.

After reading Greene’s stupid little meme, one might wonder why she chose to use Dr. Seuss to attack the president. The reason dear reader is far, far more idiotic than you might imagine.

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This week, conservatives decided that the latest culture war issue they’d latch on to in their persistent, desperate bid to have something to talk about other than their own lack of policy suggestions would be the decision by Dr. Seuss Enterprises to discontinue six books that contain offensive or racist depictions of minorities. It was a sound moral decision, rooted in the recognition that the books no longer suit modern sensibilities as well as a savvy business move.

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Conservatives, who apparently only respect the free market when it reifies their own cultural and social beliefs, threw a tantrum and decried the announcement as the latest encroachment of “cancel culture.” There is a pandemic raging, Republicans are trying to block the Biden administration from passing the robust COVID-19 relief package the American people so desperately need, and yet somehow GOP officials are convinced they can get us to care about a couple of old books no longer being printed. They’ve got nothing.

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