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Psaki lays down the law after reporter asks if Trump deserves more credit

Psaki lays down the law after reporter asks if Trump deserves more credit

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The Biden administration recently announced that the COVID-19 vaccine will be available to every adult American by the end of May, a miraculous and much welcome development. One shudders to think how much further away that milestone might be if Donald Trump were still in power, his incompetent minions botching the rollout every step of the way. The United States is lucky to once again have sane, sober-minded adults steering the wheel of state.

When this pandemic does eventually end it’s crucial that we don’t forget the over half a million Americans who died in large part because of Biden’s predecessor failure to take the outbreak seriously from the very beginning. Trump dismissed it as a hoax, lied about the risks to the American people, and refused to take any responsibility throughout. His legacy is drenched in blood.

Today, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki fielded questions from reporters and was astonishingly asked if perhaps the administration isn’t giving enough credit to Trump for his handling of the coronavirus. As any non-MAGA cultist will tell you, Donald Trump’s COVID-19 response was a disaster of historic proportions and he deserves blame, not credit.

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“So the president has been pretty critical of the prior administration’s handling of this pandemic saying you inherited a mess here. But when it comes to vaccinations you are following some of the same playbook here. So does the prior administration deserve some credit for laying the groundwork?” Psaki was asked. She pushed the reporter to list which Trump protocols specifically the Biden administration is following and received a quote from a former Trump official which failed to answer her question.

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“I don’t think anyone deserves credit when half a million people in the country have died of this pandemic,” said Psaki, shutting down the nonsensical line of questioning. “So what our focus is on and what the president’s focus was on when he came into office just over a month ago was ensuring that we had enough vaccines—we have them, we are going to have them now—we had enough vaccinators and we had enough vaccine locations to get this pandemic under control.”

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“There is no question and all data points to the fact that there were not enough of any of those things when he took office,” Psaki went on, dispelling the idea that Trump handled the pandemic well. “We are open-eyed about the challenge we continue to live under and that’s why he has been focused every single day and doing everything possible to get the pandemic under control. But there were shortages in all those areas which were preventing us from moving forward with getting the pandemic under control.”

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