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Jake Tapper hammers Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves over whether he accepts legitimacy of election

Jake Tapper hammers Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves over whether he accepts legitimacy of election

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America is only seven weeks into the Biden presidency and the change in the tone of governance is already significantly altered from the arrogance, incompetence, and misanthropy of the Trump era.

Yet, on the Republican side of the political divide, despite the new reality that has been manifest since inauguration day, many members of the GOP remain rooted in the lies and grievances of “the former guy” who still has the loyalty of many of the party’s most vocal factions.

The extent of the refusal of some Republicans, particularly at the state level, to face and accept their new reality as a minority party was on display today as Mississippi GOP Governor Tate Reeves took to the Sunday morning talk show circuit to speak with Jake Tapper on CNN‘s State of The Union.

Reeves as recently as the end of January was continuing to refuse to recognize Joe Biden as the legitimate winner of the 2020 presidential election, hewing closely to Donald Trump’s big lie of a stolen election.

Today, Jake Tapper would not let Governor Reeves off the hook as he tried to pin him down and force him into admitting that Biden was the unequivocal winner of an election that was both fair and free of any fraudulent interference that could have changed the outcome.

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Tapper was relentless in pinning Reeves down until he finally admitted that Biden was indeed the acknowledged holder of the office of the president, albeit with a disclaimer that refused to accept the legitimacy of mail-in voting as an acceptable method of conducting elections in states around the country.

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Tapper’s insistence on pinning down Governor Reeves on the issue of Republican promulgation of Trump’s continued lies about the election perhaps indicates a turning point in a mainstream media that has continued to allow GOP politicians to take to their airwaves and push this insidious propaganda meant to cast a pall over the Biden administration and all of its policies going forward without serious challenge or filter.

If only every news anchor would ask as their first question of any and every Republican who seeks to leverage the TV exposure that they are being offered whether they believe that Joe Biden is the legitimately elected president.

They could then simply refuse to continue with any further questions and bring the interview to an abrupt halt if they don’t reply in the affirmative.

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