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Stephen Miller takes aim at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after they expose royal racism

Stephen Miller takes aim at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after they expose royal racism

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Oprah Winfrey’s new interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle aired last night and immediately set off a media firestorm with the revelation that the two of them stepped away from their official royal duties in large part because of the racism they were forced to endure.

Stephen Miller, the most notorious racist in the most notoriously racist White House in decades, has made his views on the topic known and, unsurprisingly, he is standing with the racists, not those exposing their bigotry.

He is not alone. Harry and Meghan not only were they targeted by the infamously bigoted British tabloid rags, they were subjected to comments from members of the royal family that their baby’s skin might be too dark. Members of the royal family also allegedly said they didn’t want the child to be a prince or princess, presumably because he would be Black and the British monarchy has historically been white. The stress and alienation became so bad that Markle even considered committing suicide.

Regardless of what one thinks of the royal family—and it is truly bizarre that a western democracy like the United Kingdom still maintains a hereditary monarch—it’s easy to feel sympathy for Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan. In many ways, the United Kingdom still maintains vestigial strains of the same racism that characterized their colonial empire and it’s unfortunate but hardly surprising that Markle would experience it in excruciating fashion.

One would think that everyone, regardless of political alignment,  would be quick to condemn this racism but instead we see American conservatives lining up to bash Prince Henry and Meghan Markle while insisting that the royal family could not possibly be racist. It’s bizarre seeing the same people who ritualistically fetishize 1776 and the American decoupling from King George III race to defend the British monarchy but it starts to make sense after brief consideration.

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Republicans are aligning with the royal family because on some level they see it as a reactionary power structure and the GOP has increasingly become an anti-democracy party. There is a not-insubstantial portion of their base that would have happily made Donald Trump king for life. One also can’t rule out the culture war element. Republicans refuse to admit that racism exists in any form anywhere so there is always a knee-jerk urge to attack any allegations of bigotry, no matter how credible they might be.

Stephen Miller, the former senior advisor to Donald Trump and architect of his incredibly draconian, racist immigration policies, decided to weigh in on the royal family scandal via Twitter. He criticized Prince Harry and Duchess Markle for making the royal family all about them instead of the country — an utterly inane and asinine remark that completely avoids confronting the racism they’ve alleged, not to mention highly hypocritical coming out of Donald Trump’s me-me-me presidency. They’re doing far more for their country by speaking out against bigotry than they would have by remaining silent. It should also go without saying that the opinion of a white nationalist ghoul-like Miller should be immediately disregarded on issues of race.

Of course, Miller doesn’t see anti-racism work as service to country, he sees it as a threat to his cherished white supremacy myth. That’s why he ended his insinuations of selfishness against Harry and Meghan with a not so subtle quip about preserving the “heritage” of the UK. Note that Stephen Miller doesn’t seem to have problems with the heritages of Queen Victoria’s or Queen Elizabeth II’s German spouses, or that when there has been an adherence to an ideological so-called heritage, it has led to dangerous inbreeding.

But let’s be clear. As described to Oprah, the Royals were not concerned about heritage or traditions or service or country. They were concerned about a baby’s skin color. It is clearcut, textbook, indefensible, vile racism.

One might also be tempted to think that a key cheerleader for an America First agenda would welcome an American in the Royal ranks. But one would be mistaken. Because Stephen Miller doesn’t like Black people. It’s really that simple.

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