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The GOP is purposefully slowing down passage of the pandemic relief bill, claims VA Democratic rep

The GOP is purposefully slowing down passage of the pandemic relief bill, claims VA Democratic rep

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While one may be perplexed as to why Republican members of Congress have been so hell-bent on trying to prevent the passage of President Biden’s pandemic relief bill, the American Rescue Plan, which is widely popular among ordinary citizens of both Democratic and Republican party affiliations, one only has to look back at the behavior of the GOP when Barack Obama first took office.

From the moment Obama entered the White House, the primary obsession of every Republican in Congress was to do their damnedest to prevent a single portion of his agenda from being passed no matter how beneficial it might be to the nation and its populace or how much sense any individual item on that agenda may have made.

Now that another Democrat is in the White House and the GOP has lost control of all the major branches of government, their obstructionist habits have reached a new crescendo.

That analysis is courtesy of Congressman Don Beyer (D-VA), who published a lengthy Twitter thread calling out House Republicans — led by QAnon-“qwasy” Marjorie Taylor Greene — for their petulant delaying tactics meant to slow down the final passage of a bill that must be reconciled with the Senate version before heading to President Biden’s desk for his signature and becoming the law of the land.

Rep. Beyer explained the tactic — and its sad consequences — in detail in the thread of his post.

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With many Americans desperate for much-needed aid after the ravages of the past year wrecked their financial futures, the GOP-instigated legislative slowdown is preventing the quick consideration of legislation proposed by both parties as solutions to pressing problems in Rep. Beyer’s eyes.

Add your name to call on prosecutors to ARREST DONALD TRUMP for his crimes!

Congressman Beyer laid the blame for this condemnable strategy of tactical interference that will do nothing to ultimately prevent the passage of the legislation that is being unnecessarily slowed down at the feet of both Rep.Marjorie Taylor Greene and the GOP leadership who has enabled her.

Despicable indeed!

Let’s hope that Democrats are able to get voters to remember who tried to prevent them from getting pandemic relief money when the midterm elections are held just 20 months from now.

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