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Democratic congressman fires off an impassioned speech denouncing GOP focus on Dr. Suess instead of workers

Democratic congressman fires off an impassioned speech denouncing GOP focus on Dr. Suess instead of workers

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Every once in a while a true expression of outrage and passion erupts on the floor of Congress and garners the attention of a nation used to canned platitudes and politically-tested talking points from their elected representatives.

With Democrats still facing obstruction from Republicans for their agenda to correct the massive failures of the Trump era — particularly those caused by the prior administration’s mishandling of the COVID pandemic — one Congressman, Representative Tim Ryan (D-OH), has had enough of GOP obstructionism in their attempts to prevent the passage of Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan and get American workers the relief that they deserve as soon as possible.

Congressman Ryan is sick of Republicans focusing on culture war issues to distract from the more important issues facing the country and raged in high dudgeon in firey and emphatic oratory that shattered the usual polite volume level of typical congressional speechifying.

Addressing GOP criticism of the pandemic relief bill as being a massive and under-debated revision of U.S. labor regulations, as the business interests that form such a crucial constituency for their party must believe while feeling threatened by the provisions benefiting their workers, Rep. Ryan launched into an impassioned defense of a bill that for once benefits people other than the upper echelons of the highest income brackets.

“Mr. Speaker, one of the earlier speakers said that this is the most dramtic change in labor law in 80 years. And I say: Thank God!” the outraged Democrat began his remarks.

“In the late 70s, a CEO made 35 times the worker. Today, it’s 3 three or four hundred times the worker. And our friends on the other side [are] running around with their hair on fire!” Congressman Ryan continued. “Heaven forbid we pass something that’s going to help the damn workers in the United States of America! Heaven forbid!”

“We tilt the balance that has been going in the wrong direction for 50 years! We talk about pensions, you complain! We talk about the minimum wage increase, you complain! We talk about giving them the right to organize, you complain! But if we were passing a tax cut here, you’d all be getting in line to to vote yes for it!” Ryan exclaimed truthfully while emphasizing his point with fervent hand gestures.

“Now, stop talking about Dr. Seuss and start working with us on behalf of the American workers,” Congressman Ryan concluded emphatically before yielding his time.

It’s refreshing to see the average American worker defended so vociferously and passionately by an elected representative, particularly one who isn’t given the daily media attention that tends to focus on the more telegenic and controversial legislators in Congress.

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You can watch and admire Congressman Tim Ryan’s bravura performance on behalf of the American worker in the video clip attached below.

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Let’s hope that in the days and months ahead more Democratic politicians display the fervor that Representative Ryan exhibited in his speech today as they shame the GOP for their dereliction of duty in properly representing the interests of their working-class constituents.

Someone needs to defend the rebalancing of the American economy to tilt more towards the majority of its people, and no one can expect that anyone in the Republican party will step up to champion that cause.

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