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Dick Durbin shuts down obnoxious Ted Cruz for badgering Biden nominee

Dick Durbin shuts down obnoxious Ted Cruz for badgering Biden nominee

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Vanita Gupta, President Biden’s nominee for Associate Attorney General, sat down for her Senate confirmation hearing today and ended up weathering a barrage of bad-faith questions from the usual Republican hacks. Since the GOP now exists almost solely as a social media grievance machine, many of the questions focused on past tweets from Gupta, some of which she apologized for over their use of “harsh rhetoric.”

The faux concern on the part of conservatives over old tweets is incredibly farcical given their continued deification of Donald Trump, a crude, cruel beast of a man who has never shied away from racist, ugly, or mendacious rhetoric. These Republican officials have no integrity and no interest in even maintaining the veneer of it.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), a man vying for the distinction of most widely despised American politician in the wake of his attempted secret vacation to Mexico while his home state was battered by winter storms and deadly power outages, made sure to remind us all of the weasel he is when it came time for him to question Gupta.

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For a man with such an unpleasant voice, Cruz certainly loves hearing himself talk. As Gupta was affirming her belief in religious liberty in response to a question from the senator, Cruz tried to interrupt her at which point Senate Judiciary Chairman Dick Durbin (D-IL) interjected, telling Cruz to let Gupta finish answering. Spotting a chance to grandstand, Cruz pushed back.

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“Senator if you want to make a speech you may make a speech, but if you’re asking a question allow her to answer,” said Durbin, recognizing Cruz’s ulterior motive. Cruz pushed back again, repeated his question and received a prompt, straightforward answer from Gupta. Senator Cruz, ever the detestable troll, then tried to paint her as uncompliant. Ultimately, the only one who ended up looking bad in the exchange was Cruz himself.

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