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Trump claims the United States is being “destroyed” by Biden’s policies in surprise statement

Trump claims the United States is being “destroyed” by Biden’s policies in surprise statement

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Disgraced former President Donald Trump no longer has a Twitter or Facebook account to blast his mendacious filth out to the world but that doesn’t mean the notorious egomaniac has been silenced. Fanning the speculation that he might launch a bid to retake the White House in 2024 by striving to remain in the public eye, Trump recently spoke at CPAC and continues to release statements criticizing President Joe Biden — a man who has in just over a month eclipsed Trump’s four-year legacy by working to undo much of the damage inflicted on our democracy by his predecessor.

Today, Trump released a statement on the Mexican border insisting that it was in “great shape” and was “stronger safer, and more secure than ever before” during his tenure in the Oval Office, a disgusting mischaracterization of the cruelties unleashed by his family separation policy and frequent dehumanizing rhetoric about undocumented immigrants. He went on to list his imagined accomplishments and insisted that he stopped “vicious smugglers, drug dealers, and human traffickers” when in reality it seems like he mostly succeeded in targeting innocent families and tossing children into cages.

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Employing the same ludicrous apocalyptic language that defined his rise to power in 2016, he claimed that the United States is “being destroyed at the Southern border,” a statement that no serious person would entertain as fact and which is sure to strike a nerve with his xenophobic MAGA dead-enders.

The Biden administration is striving to treat migrants with the compassion and basic human decency that Trump intentionally denied them. The fact that Republicans see the more humane Democratic approach as destructive demonstrates that they have no real objective when it comes to immigration policy beyond inflicting suffering on nonwhite people.

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There are countless subjects on which Donald Trump is unqualified to speak and immigration is at the very top of the list. The sooner we banish this man back to the land of D-list celebrities the sooner we can return to at least a nominally healthy public discourse.

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