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“It’s p*ssing everyone off!” Republicans lose patience with Taylor-Greene after she tries to send them home again

“It’s p*ssing everyone off!” Republicans lose patience with Taylor-Greene after she tries to send them home again

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From the moment she won the election, Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene has been intent on making her presence known in Congress by any means necessary and is showing no signs of letting up — even as her Republican colleagues grow tired of her ridiculous antics.

On Wednesday morning, the Georgia QAnon disciple attempted to adjourn Congress and send everyone home early for the fourth time, forcing Congress to waste an hour on a meaningless procedural vote and trying the patience of her less radical Republican peers.

Taylor-Greene and the rest of the rabid extremists in the House Freedom Caucus have brought Congressional business to a standstill; last night they prevented the quick passage of 13 pedestrian bills that nobody opposed, including a bill to prevent child abuse and to award Congressional Gold Medals to Capitol Hill policemen.

But unlike the careful and considered obstruction that we see from Mitch McConnell’s Senators, the Freedom Caucus seems to be intent on disrupting Congress just to be annoying.

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“It’s frustrating. I don’t see that this is resonating at home, the motions to adjourn. I mean it’s just a pain. It’s a pain in the ass,” groused Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI) to CNN. An anonymous senior Republican lawmaker agreed that “It’s just pissing everyone off,” while Rep. Buddy Carter (R-GA) complained that “tactics without reason, they go nowhere…So you’ve got to have a game plan. You just have to ask about the game plan there.”

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The obstinacy of the Freedom Caucus exposes the deep fissures in the Republican caucus not only in the tactical disagreements but also in the inability of the House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), to control his caucus. He reportedly told a closed-door meeting with his caucus on Tuesday that “such tactics must have a clear strategy behind them” and then was immediately blindsided by the blocking of the quick-vote bills, if House whip Steny Hoyer is to be believed. “He was not aware of the effort that was being made” smirked Hoyer to reporters, which McCarthy flatly denies.

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From the moment she was declared the winner of her race, Marjorie Taylor-Greene has made it obvious that she never had any intention of taking her job seriously, preferring to ape Donald Trump’s political approach and behave like a churlish troll. She delights in triggering the libs while any and all policy concerns that don’t directly relate to the GOP’s bigoted culture wars are ignored and forgotten.

While it’s certainly better to have a Republican caucus in disarray and a weak and feckless McCarthy in charge of these animals, it does not bode well for the future if this is how badly the far-right is behaving just two months into the Biden presidency.

Original reporting by Manu Raju, Annie Grayer and Ryan Nobles at

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