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Jen Psaki slams the “morality problem” of the Trump admin in response to loaded Fox News question

Jen Psaki slams the “morality problem” of the Trump admin in response to loaded Fox News question

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The Republicans are desperate to mischaracterize President Biden’s approach to immigration as an unqualified failure. After four years of Donald Trump villainizing undocumented immigrants, painting them as rapists and criminals, targeting their families and separating children from their parents, the GOP base has become so radicalized on this issue that anything less than abject cruelty is viewed as weakness. They want people of color along the border beaten, locked up, and tossed out of the country en masse, and Biden’s move to treat these migrants with compassion is infuriating to them.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has fielded numerous questions about immigration so far, including one last week which prompted her to make it absolutely clear that the Biden administration has no interest in ex-president Trump’s opinions on the topic. She accurately characterized the previous administration’s immigration policies as “inhumane,” which was perhaps too kind of a word for the atrocities masterminded by Stephen Miller and his little white nationalist posse.

Today, Fox News’s Peter Doocy, who can be expected to lob bad faith questions built around right-wing messaging just about every time he’s called on, asked if the Biden White House has a “messaging problem” about migrants along the border since they keep trying to enter into the United States despite the administration saying that now is not the right time to do so.

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“Well, I would say that in the last administration we had a morality problem and children were being pulled from the arms of their parents. And kids were being sent back on a treacherous journey and that’s not the approach of this administration,” said Psaki, expertly dismantling the conservative jab.

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“So certainly we understand that means there will be more kids who are crossing the border. We made a policy decision that that was the right humane step to take,” Psaki went on. “But I think it’s also important for people to understand that the vast majority who come to our border are turned away, are sent back to their countries.”

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“What we’re talking about here is unaccompanied children and what our focus is on is ensuring that there are safe places for these kids to go where they have access to educational resources, health and medical attention, legal assistance as needed, and that we can expedite the vetting so that they can get to family and sponsors where they can have their cases adjudicated,” she finished.

Her answer perfectly cracks open the rotten core of the Republican opinion on this issue. They’re far more interested in pandering to xenophobic voters than they are actually helping the people who need help. Migrant children need to be cared for, not exploited as political pawns.

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