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Trump indictment is “only a matter of how many days” according to John Dean

Trump indictment is “only a matter of how many days” according to John Dean

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A blast from presidential scandals past has arrived, bringing with him a message of hope for all those scarred by the horrors of the now-thankfully replaced Trump administration.

John Dean — the former White House counsel to that other disgraced President, Richard Nixon, and a pivotal figure in prompting Nixon’s resignation — tweeted out his professional opinion that the indictment of Donald Trump is only a matter of “days,” sending hearts rejoicing across the country among those seeking accountability for the former commander-in-thief.

With Dean’s substantial experience as a political lawyer, he knows the signs of when an impending announcement of criminal charges is about to be released, and the seven reported visits to the Office of Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. by former Trump Organization attorney Michael Cohen is like a blaring siren to his ears.

After Cohen — who is now a cooperating witness in the DA’s investigation of the Trump Organization’s finances and tax avoidance strategies — met with Vance for a seventh time (with another meeting scheduled), the clock started ticking in Dean’s mind.

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The prospect of Donald Trump finally getting his just desserts sparked relief among the folks commenting on Dean’s post.

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Let us fervently hope that John Dean’s prediction turns out to be true.

To see the American Rescue Plan passed, a new Attorney General confirmed, and Donald Trump finally indicted for his crimes merits the establishment of a new national holiday in some quarters.

As the next step in America’s revitalization and return to normalcy, the indictment of Donald Trump is a long-awaited and necessary move.

We’ve waited this long, so a few more days to achieve our cherished goal is easy to endure at this point.

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Original reporting by Joseph Choi at The Hill.

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