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Fox whines that Biden doesn’t praise the Trump administration and just “kicks them in the groin”

Fox whines that Biden doesn’t praise the Trump administration and just “kicks them in the groin”

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In a development sure to surprise absolutely nobody, Fox News has suddenly discovered the ability to criticize the president now that their God-king Donald Trump has been booted from the Oval Office. They were perfectly happy to heap unearned praise on the former reality TV host as he worked to plunder and dismantle our democracy because it suited the plutocrats they work for but now that Biden is in office and actually going about the work of the American people they’re clambering to criticize every move he makes.

This morning, the perennially insufferable Brian Kilmeade criticized Biden for not being as much of a “unifier” as he promised, a new favorite talking point for Republicans who want us to think that Biden doing anything less than passing the entire GOP reactionary wishlist is him being divisive.

Kilmeade seemed especially upset that Biden hasn’t been praising his criminal predecessor enough and said that he should be spending more time talking about Trump’s Operation Warp Speed. The idea that a politician of either party would spend his first hundred days heaping accolades on his defeated political rival instead of championing his or her own political goals is almost as laughable as these hacks pretending to care about divisiveness after four years of enabling Trump’s hateful, racist agenda.

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Kilmeade also took aim at Dr. Anthony Fauci—one of the few reassuring adult voices speaking on the pandemic during the Trump administration—and told viewers he doesn’t know if we should be listening to the esteemed medical expert at all. He then circled back to Biden’s lack of praise for Trump’s administration and claimed that the new president “kicks them in the groin” every chance he gets. In practice, Biden himself doesn’t mention Trump at all. If he really wanted to kick Trump in the groin he could talk more about the MAGA insurrection he instigated. Instead, he’s focusing on his work.

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The simple truth is that Trump doesn’t deserve credit for his handling of the COVID-19 outbreak, he deserves blame. He initially dismissed it as a hoax and then intentionally misled the public about the risks posed by the virus to help himself politically, resulting in a botched federal rollout and a sharp increase in the number of deaths. If we had competent leadership from the beginning of this nightmare (say Hillary Clinton) there is no doubt that we’d have had far fewer deaths. Beyond just the incompetence displayed by Trump personally, his decision to stock the government with underqualified loyalist cronies only served to exacerbate the problems.

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Biden isn’t kicking the Trump administration in the groin. But if he did they’d deserve it.

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