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Republicans work themselves into frenzy after Biden says we might be able to have July 4th parties

Republicans work themselves into frenzy after Biden says we might be able to have July 4th parties

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President Biden signed a life-saving, life-changing $1.9 trillion relief bill yesterday, demonstrating what competent leadership during a crisis looks like after four years of the American people suffering under Donald Trump. At the same time, the vaccine rollout continues to ramp up, raising hopes that the COVID-19 pandemic will soon be in the rearview mirror. Since day one of his administration, tackling the coronavirus has been Biden’s primary focus and we are now seeing the dividends of that approach.

Things are going so well in fact that President Biden revealed yesterday that if the country rises to the challenge, employs the proper safety precautions, and gets vaccinated as soon as doses become available to them, there’s a good chance that we will be able to celebrate July 4th with friends and family. Small groups of people will once again be able to congregate and socialize without fear of catching a possibly deadly virus.

Since Republicans refuse to give Biden any of the credit he deserves and revel in politicizing the pandemic every chance they get they’re now throwing a collective fit over Biden’s July 4th remarks, painting him as some kind of tyrant. They’re intentionally misrepresenting his words to make it sound like he was granting them permission to celebrate the holiday or that he was threatening anyone who plans to throw a big Fourth of July party. They’ve taken his benign calls for safety and twisted them into something authoritarian and dishonest.

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As is always the case when one of these hacks finds some new stupid issue to get all worked up about, the others all followed suit and a culture war feeding frenzy began, with a stream of prominent Republicans rushing to weigh in on the topic. These people behave like children and somehow keep managing to convince voters to elect them. Take a look at some of the more ludicrous tweets below and remind yourself of the staggering idiocy we are fighting against.

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