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Democrat goes on Fox and calls them out for obsessing over meaningless nonsense

Democrat goes on Fox and calls them out for obsessing over meaningless nonsense

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There are few things more satisfying in the world of politics than watching the talking heads at Fox News get absolutely wrecked by someone unwilling to swallow the rubbish they regularly shovel out as commentary. Earlier today, Democratic strategist Chris Hahn did just that when right-wing radio host Kevin McCullough attacked U.S. Climate Czar John Kerry over a photograph of him on an airplane without a mask over his nose and mouth.

The image has gone viral in the conservative media sphere and the same hacks who insisted that asking people to wear masks to stop the spread of COVID-19 was a violation of individual liberty are now pretending in bad faith to care that Kerry briefly took his mask off.

As Kerry himself has already explained, his dropping of the mask was “momentary” and he always wears his mask because he knows it saves lives.

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The Fox News segment began with a clip of Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) slamming Kerry for being “militant and sanctimonious” towards people who for some unfathomable reason refuse to wear masks. Immediately after, McCullough ripped into Kerry and asked “what makes him so special,” implying that Kerry had his mask removed for the entire flight rather than for a brief moment. Host Harris Faulkner repeated the sentiment at which point Hahn was able to respond.

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“I love the gotcha politics,” said Hahn, accurately describing the pathetic faux outrage over the Kerry photograph.

“He might have had his mask down for a second. Who knows? But the thing that’s bigger for me is that United States senators got nothing to complain about with Joe Biden because the people are so happy with him,” Hahn went on. “They’ve got to pick a fight over whether or not John Kerry wore his mask for the entire flight. Hallelujah! The Biden calm. Everybody should be as fortunate. They want us to hate each other, let’s not do that.”

Hahn urged viewers to wear their masks. Faulkner, apparently unable to help herself, told viewers: “Don’t be like John Kerry on a commercial flight where it’s been mandated.” She then went on to speculate without evidence that the photo indicates he must have had the mask off for “more than a second.”

“He could have got a video if it was more than a couple of seconds,” Hahn interjected at which point McCullough cited the person who took the photo as saying that the mask was off for “more than just a couple of seconds,” as if some random conservative snapping covert photos of John Kerry on an airplane is somehow a credible source.

Hahn conceded that Kerry should never be photographed not wearing his mask in public but said that the discourse around the subject is humorous.

“That shows how little there is to complain about. They want to complain about something so here’s something to complain about,” said Hahn.

Watch the segment here.

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