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FOX News openly roots for Russia in clip about Putin’s absurd “debate” challenge to Biden

FOX News openly roots for Russia in clip about Putin’s absurd “debate” challenge to Biden

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The shameless and outrageous hypocrisy of Republicans and the right-wing propaganda industry is a tired trope at this point, but it still is absolutely stunning for them to shift from wailing that the mainstream media never gave Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt to openly rooting for a Russian dictator once a Democrat was in office.

But root they do. The most recent opportunity for the jackals at FOX News to rip on Biden came from Russia’s murderous despot Vladimir Putin, who suggested that Biden should join him for a live, unscripted online “debate” after the Russian took issue with Biden calling him a “killer,” which is undeniably true.

FOX News, which has spent the past week howling about Cardi B songs are destroying the American family and that the removal of obscure Dr. Seuss books from circulation heralds the downfall of western civilization as we know it, was suddenly extremely impressed with the Russian dictator who murders journalists and squashes dissent with an iron fist. He was joined by Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL), who similarly pleased to predict that Putin would emerge the victor in such a contest.

Donald Trump Jr. joined in as well, projecting the weakness and incompetence of his father’s administration on his successor’s and conveniently forgetting that Donald Trump couldn’t properly pronounce “Yosemite” when reading off a teleprompter.

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It is stunning to see the people who howl and scream that Democrats are socialist radicals who hate America immediately change their tune and begin rooting for foreign dictators the minute their party is out of the White House. It just goes to show that the Republican Party and its mouthpieces truly do not stand for anything but excusing racism and opposing literally everything that the Democrats say or do.

Shame on them!

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