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Matt Gaetz elicits outraged backlash over disgusting joke about Biden’s “pulse”

Matt Gaetz elicits outraged backlash over disgusting joke about Biden’s “pulse”

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Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has managed through sustained effort to distinguish himself as the slimiest Republican in Congress, no mean feat given the kinds of oleaginous creatures that populate the slithering ranks of the modern GOP. Incapable of articulating anything that even vaguely resembles good policy, he exists to solely whip up the bigots and morons in his party.

Since his idol Donald Trump was rejected by the American people and booted out of the Oval Office, Gaetz has been repeatedly launching the lowest form of attacks on Joe Biden. Despite the fact that Biden dismantled Trump during the debates and drubbed him at the ballot box, Gaetz is still peddling the conspiracy theory that Biden has cognitive issues and health problems. The complete lack of evidence and all of the proof to the contrary  matters not to him and he knows his paranoid MAGA supporters don’t care about facts either.

Today, Gaetz sank to a new low by implying that Biden is on the verge of death. He joked that every time Vice President Kamala Harris shakes President Biden’s hand she’s actually checking his pulse. Poor taste does not even begin to describe this kind of macabre “joke” and it’s especially hypocritical given Gaetz’s fanatical support for the morbidly obese Trump.

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The simple truth is that the Republicans still can’t figure out a substantive way to attack President Biden. He’s immensely popular and has already proven himself far more capable of leading the country than Trump by passing a historic $1.9 trillion relief bill. Stripped of options, hacks like Gaetz are forced to rely on cheap jokes and conspiracy theories. Meanwhile, Democrats continue to focus on doing the work of the American people.

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Not surprisingly, Gaetz’s gross joke unleashed a firestorm of angry responses on Twitter, a powerful reminder of just how deeply this man is disliked by most Americans.

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