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MSNBC host shuts down Dan Crenshaw for complaining about Biden’s policies

MSNBC host shuts down Dan Crenshaw for complaining about Biden’s policies

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The Biden administration is off to an impressive start with the passing of a historic $1.9 trillion relief belief and high approval ratings for the president himself. Seeing this, Republicans have been scrambling to manufacture some kind of scandal to provide a beachhead for attacking Biden and so far have come up short. Their primary push is to try to convince voters that there is a crisis along the southern border thanks entirely to Biden’s immigration policies.

Right-wingers who happily lapped up Trump’s racist rhetoric about Mexicans and supported his cruel family separation directive now want to claim the high ground on immigration. They see Biden reconfiguring our approach to a more humane one that treats migrants with the dignity and compassion they deserve as human beings and know that slamming this approach will play well with their xenophobic base.

Today, Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX), a man who happily supported Donald Trump and who has developed a reputation for his own Draconian views on immigration policy, shared an article from The New York Times which says that the Biden team has been “quietly pressing Mexico” to curb the flow of migrants crossing the border.

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If true, this backroom maneuvering is a far cry from Trump’s approach, which was to villanize migrants and bully our ally to the south. There are miles of distance between employing diplomatic means to help get a situation under control until there are adequate facilities in place to handle the influx of people and ripping children from the arms of mothers to shove them into cages.

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“It’s if we had a solution to this already and then some guy came in and totally screwed it up,” wrote Crenshaw.

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Take a moment to imagine what manner of heartless monster you’d have to be to think that abusing migrant children and ripping families apart to scare other families from migrating was a good “solution.”

MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan pounced on Crenshaw’s tweet and called him out for “tearing very young children from their parents’ arms” only to detain them “indefinitely in horrific conditions.” Hasan pointed out that according to Physicians for Human Rights, the treatment of detainees that Crenshaw is advocating for meets the definition of “torture.”

If nothing else, Crenshaw’s tweet demonstrates how crucial it is that Democrats remain in control of the federal government. Republicans simply cannot be trusted to handle our country’s immigration policies without inflicting massive amounts of nihilistic damage on migrants. They’re cruel and they’re not going to change.

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