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Don Jr. provokes backlash after sharing poorly edited video of Biden’s Air Force One stumble

Don Jr. provokes backlash after sharing poorly edited video of Biden’s Air Force One stumble

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Bereft of any real criticisms to make of President Biden and entirely devoid of anything to offer its supporters beyond partisan spite and hatred, the right-wing propaganda machine has been obsessing over the clip of the 78-year-old president stumbling on the steps of Air Force One yesterday.

In a repulsive show of disrespect, Donald Trump Jr. shared a poorly edited clip of his father hitting golf balls and knocking Biden over on the steps. “It wasn’t the wind!” laughed the extremely online Trump scion, who has entirely given up pretending to work at the Trump Corporation and now spends his days ranting into a microphone about Dr. Seuss and Cardi B.

It’s a throwing-stones-in-glass-house move for a man whose father stared directly into the sunlight of an eclipse, had trouble working an umbrella, and gave his entire family COVID-19, but self-awareness has never been Jr.’s strong suit.

It just goes to show that in the wake of passing a historic, monumental COVID-19 relief bill that should cut child poverty in half and deliver desperately needed help to America’s most vulnerable people, the Trump team and their honking lapdogs have no answer and no real ground to stand on.

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Instead, they’re infantilizing themselves in a desperate attempt to sustain the rage levels that they need to retake power — but without any actual things to get mad about, they have to resort to childish memes and throwing tantrums about Dr. Seuss books. Democrats need to keep their eye on the prize, do away with the filibuster, and unleash an avalanche of change so profoundly transformative that the complaints about politically correct baby books get drowned out by the material improvements to the lives of every American, no matter their political affiliation.

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Commenters on social media were quick to respond:

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