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FOX News promotes wildly racist anti-Chinese rhetoric days after Atlanta

FOX News promotes wildly racist anti-Chinese rhetoric days after Atlanta

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This week, the ugly Sinophobia and slut-shaming toxic masculinity that American conservatives relentlessly push came to a horrifying head with the massacre of eight Asian-Americans at three different massage parlors in Atlanta, Georgia.

The murderer, with a little help from a racist sheriff, is trying to sell himself as having been motivated by misogyny. But is impossible to separate the racial element from the attacks given how ingrained the sexual fetishization of Asian women has been ingrained in American culture since the Korean War. Nor can we ignore how hard right-wing white supremacists all the way up to the Trump White House have worked to wrongfully blame China for the COVID-19 pandemic in order to cover up their own colossal failures to respond appropriately to the crisis.

This massacre is so far the deadliest atrocity in the epidemic of anti-Asian violence that has been sweeping the nation since the Trump administration and the right-wing propaganda machine began promoting conspiracy theories accusing the Chinese of having engineered or otherwise deliberately spread the virus in order to kill Americans.

In the wake of these murders, it is beyond infuriating to see FOX News continue to blame China for the COVID-19 virus the same week that eight Asian-Americans were brutally gunned down, but of course, that’s what they did on Friday night through one of the soulless Uncle Tom patsies they inevitably find to launder their racism.

On The Ingraham Angle, Chinese-American author declared that Vice-President Kamala Harris needs to fly to Oakland, California, and denounce the Black-on-Asian violence that has occurred there and followed that insane statement with an encouragement for all “Chinese-Americans to come out and denounce China for the role that it has played in infecting the world with COVID-19.”

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This is the same playbook that the right-wing uses for Islamophobia, setting up this absurd imaginary scenario whereby Muslims or Chinese-Americans aren’t “denouncing” ISIS or China and therefore painting them as complicit.  It is so wildly irresponsible and offensive that there cannot be any doubt as to whether or not it is deliberate. The violence against non-white people is the intended end goal, and we are reaching a point where the boundaries of the First Amendment are being severely tested by the counterproductive lies and violence-inciting racism that are spewed on a daily basis by the white supremacists at FOX News.

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