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Trump rants about Biden and Dr. Seuss in over the top Fox News call

Trump rants about Biden and Dr. Seuss in over the top Fox News call

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It must be quite the change going from being the center of media attention as POTUS to a life of relative quiet at your glitzy resort, now half-shuttered by the latest Covid outbreak.

While other former U.S. presidents have made the transition back to private life with relative ease, ceding the spotlight to their successors with grace and aplomb, Donald Trump has stayed true to the one constant in his life: his overwhelming narcissism.

It’s almost as if Trump feels that he doesn’t exist unless he is at the center of every conversation, an anxious and ominous presence lurking in the back of everyone’s minds and striving to hog the forefront of everyone’s consciousness.

So rather than quietly endure the reversal of his disastrous policies and executive orders and maintain the traditional post-presidential self-prohibition against speaking ill of his newly installed replacement, Trump instead conducts destructive and divisive media blitzes claiming that he never really lost the election and fanning the flames of the culture war that he has instigated and continues to marshall his followers to his lost cause.

Perhaps grooming himself for a career as a replacement for Lou Dobbs, the fired right-wing talking head on the Fox Business Network, Trump has been calling into shows on Fox News to interject his commentary on the events of the day.

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Having been booted off of most mainstream social media platforms for his incendiary posts pushing his election lies and inciting sedition, his calls to right-wing media outlets have become his only means of communicating his deplorable agenda to the public.

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Tops on his agenda is attacking the Biden administration for its embarrassingly humane reversal of Trump’s immigration and border control policies.

Phoning into Harris Faulkner’s Fox News program this morning, Trump regurgitated the same incendiary rhetoric about immigrants that he used to launch his presidential bid when he rode that infamous escalator in Trump Tower during his initial announcement of his candidacy.

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Fox News is a perfect platform for the former president to spread his lie-filled propaganda because it studiously refuses to correct Trump when he blatantly blathers on with patently false “information” about how the Biden administration is handling the situation at the border that suddenly escalated into a crisis again the moment the new president took office, at least in the eyes of right-wing media.

That Trump is still claiming to have won an election that was “stolen” from him is both mystifying and fundamentally dangerous for our democracy.

Ironically, Trump next hypocritically attacked Biden for a lack of transparency in his administration, a laughable assault given that his own communications strategy while he was president largely consisted of shoveling large mounds of manure into the faces of journalists who were meant to accept his pitifully obvious lies as gospel truth.

For all of Fox News’ compliant dissemination of Trump’s senseless attempts at continuing to shape the national conversation, one must credit Harris Faulkner for the bravery of her attempt to contrast his vociferous criticism of Biden with the reticence of prior past presidents to comment on their successors’ actions out of a sense of discretion.

Trump’s rant about Dr. Suess, the latest battle in the right-wing’s ongoing culture wars, displays the insidious nature of his Monday morning quarterbacking while Biden attempts to clean up the damage he inflicted upon the nation.

One is surprised that he neglected to add Mr. Potato Head to the conversation.

Trump’s appearance on Fox News this morning simply reinforces the notion that former presidents should be treated with even more social restrictions than children and neither be seen nor heard.

Now, that would make for a refreshing change.

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Original reporting by Aaron Rupar at Vox.

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