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Ted Cruz appears on Fox News to have creepy discussion about Kamala Harris’s laugh

Ted Cruz appears on Fox News to have creepy discussion about Kamala Harris’s laugh

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After four years of helping to prop up Donald Trump’s kleptocratic kakistocracy, Fox News is desperate to paint the Biden administration as an unmitigated failure. They can’t convincingly attack the $1.9 trillion relief bill, an undeniable accomplishment of historic proportions, so they’ve decided to focus on immigration and are now working around the clock to convince their paranoid viewers that there is a crisis along the Mexican border entirely caused by Joe Biden.

During a segment on the reliably bad faith Harris Faulkner’s show, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) took a break from sneaking off on secret Mexican vacations while his constituents die to attack the Biden administration. Faulkner asked him about a clip of Vice President Kamala Harris being asked if she intends to visit the border “amid the growing migrant crisis.”

Rather than play into the right-wing framing of the issue, Harris said she would not be visiting the border that very day, gave a little laugh about the absurdity of the idea, but said she suspects she’ll visit it again eventually. Right-wing outlets raced to condemn her harmless laugh as a sign that she isn’t taking the situation seriously enough.

“Well, I got to say watching that footage, I served with Kamala a number of years in the Senate and to see her just laugh at this crisis at the border, to see her laugh at these children…” rambled Cruz, who had no problem with Donald Trump separating children from their families and locking them up in facilities where they were then abused by ICE Agents.

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“It is a humanitarian crisis that we’ve right now got thousands upon thousands of little boys and girls being handed over to human traffickers who are physically abusing those kids, they’re sexually abusing those kids,” Cruz went on. “And the attitude of Kamala and Joe Biden is they’re laughing at them,” Cruz added, dabbling in some QAnon-adjacent characterization of his political enemies.

The Texan senator then rattled off some more right-wing talking points, feigning compassion for migrants. If Cruz and the rest of the Republicans actually cared about migrant children they’d be working to provide them with care and reunite them with loved ones, not devising Draconian methods to scare them away from the border.

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“If you factor in the pandemic that we’re in, the health crisis that we’re in, they have created an international super spreader event at facilities along our border, endangering everybody! The people trying to get here and Americans. Wow,” said Faulkner, carrying water for the GOP as usual.

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Watch the shameful interaction below.

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