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Boo Hoo: McConnell whines he’s being shut out by Biden in FOX interview

Boo Hoo: McConnell whines he’s being shut out by Biden in FOX interview

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It’s a new day in Washington, and some are having a harder time than others adjusting to the new normal. Having finally lost the Senate Majority Leader position for the first time in nearly a decade, Senator Mitch McConnell is unused to not being the Big Man in the Senate — and doesn’t like being shut out of the loop.

The decaying revenant complained to FOX News today that President Biden hasn’t invited him to the White House once since taking office in January — and hasn’t even spoken to him in that time. Instead, argues McConnell, he’s been busy “appeasing the hard left,” though any real leftist would surely take serious issue with that statement.

This is a common sentiment among Republicans, who have chosen to interpret President Biden’s calls for unity as an obligation for him to implement the savagery, sadism, and prejudice that passes for policy among conservatives these days.

To hear them tell it, anything that isn’t given the unholy seal of approval from the vampiric coven underneath the Federalist Society is literally communism; in the post-Trump era, all nuance, context, and relation to reality has been left trampled in the mud by extremism and rabid partisan hatred.

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Which is why President Biden is absolutely right to relegate Mr. McConnell and his caucus of gibbering zealots to the wayside; they have no ideas worth considering and obviously have no intention of ever working in good faith with the new administration and therefore don’t deserve the time of day.

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Similarly, they cannot be allowed to abuse the racist filibuster and be allowed to obstruct Biden’s entire agenda just out of sheer spite — it is imperative that we truly strip McConnell of all his power and ram through the most transformative legislative agenda this country will have seen in decades, because we might never get another chance.

It won’t surprise you a bit to learn that McConnell is lying:

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