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Lindsey Graham launches pathetic attention-grabbing attack against AOC over Trump policies

Lindsey Graham launches pathetic attention-grabbing attack against AOC over Trump policies

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Immigrants are not people in the minds of Republican politicians. Migrants seeking a better life in the United States, many of them fleeing from violent regions that the American government worked to destabilize in the past, are nothing more than useful bogeymen to conservatives, a way to scare voters into thinking that foreigners are coming to take their jobs.

Under the Trump administration, the federal government implemented a profoundly cruel policy of separating children from their families and the president himself regularly heaped racist verbal abuse on undocumented immigrants. But now that Biden is in the White House, the GOP suddenly wants to pretend that it cares about these people and has begun to refer to the situation at the Mexican border as a crisis.

Republicans don’t actually care about the people affected by immigration policies, they care about stirring up their base and attacking President Biden. It’s the most cynical form of politicking imaginable. They ignored the brutalities inflicted on migrants by the Trump administration and now criticize the Biden administration for implementing a more humane approach.

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Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), a man who displayed as much spine as a jellyfish while Trump was in the Oval Office, waded into the immigration issue today and incorrectly stated that Democrats are for “open borders,” a common lie peddled by Republicans to paint Democrats as far more radical on this issue than they really are. Saying that we should treat undocumented immigrants like people, that we should honor asylum laws, and not seek to inflict nihilistic violence on these people is not unreasonable and has nothing to do with “open borders.”

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“Where is AOC?” asked Graham, referring to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). “Why aren’t you at the border looking at the things being reported? If you were worried about children under Trump being in bad conditions, this is worse. If you’re worried about people having COVID outbreaks, this is the biggest COVID spreader in the entire country. So where are you?”

Graham is, of course, lying as usual. Conditions along the border are not “worse” under Biden for the simple reason that Biden, unlike Trump, doesn’t want him to hurt and terrorize immigrants. He’s not separating children from their parents and locking them in cages, he’s working to untangle the colossal mess he inherited from Donald Trump. Republicans have absolutely no credibility left in this arena and Graham would do well to keep AOC’s name out of his mouth.

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