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Meaghan McCain matches new hairdo with stunning self-own on The View

Meaghan McCain matches new hairdo with stunning self-own on The View

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It is difficult enough to take Meghan McCain, The View co-host and daughter of the late Senator John McCain (R-AZ), seriously on an ordinary day, but today the token conservative on the ABC daytime talk show made it particularly tough to consider the content of her words rather than the packaging and styling of the person delivering them.

McCain was trying to deliver her viewpoint on identity politics and raised a valid question about the weight that should be given to race and ethnicity versus job qualifications as the Biden administration finishes filling out its executive branch team.

Unfortunately, McCain chose to extend that question to the hosting of the program on which she herself appears, placing herself in the unenviable position of arguing that experience and job qualifications matter more than identity when her own employment on The View largely stems from her genetic lineage rather than any particular expertise.

Any possible consideration of the words she was speaking while making her argument, however, was undermined by McCain’s bizarre fashion, makeup, and hairstyling choices for the day, which resembled an alien princess in a B-movie sci-fi extravaganza with a gold-threaded, raised center row of raised tresses surrounded by flattened sides that erupt into a mass of blond curls, paired with glittery gold eyeshadow.

Critics on Twitter lambasted The View co-host for the astounding lack of self-awareness in both McCain’s opinions on the qualifications for her position and her styling decisions.

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A note to the producers of The View from someone who worked in the television industry for over 30 years: if the styling of your talent is so over the top that it distracts people from what they are saying, you’re doing something wrong.

In Meghan McCain’s case that might actually be a blessing in disguise given the astounding lack of insight that her comments about identity politics and job qualifications contain.

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