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Republicans melt down after VP Kamala Harris forgets to salute Marines

Republicans melt down after VP Kamala Harris forgets to salute Marines

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Republicans have landed on a new asinine “scandal” to feign outrage over, just like they do every few days. A clip of Vice President Kamala Harris boarding Air Force Two on Monday has exploded across the conservative media sphere because—horror of horrors—she forgot to salute the Marines standing at the base of the staircase.

It was likely a simple, benign oversight, one that is completely understandable when one considers all of the things the vice president surely has on her mind. It certainly wasn’t some kind of deliberate show of disrespect as right-wingers are clambering to claim. It also must be mentioned that the vice president is not a part of the military chain of command and protocol does not demand that he or she salute.

With a popular Democratic president in power and a life-changing $1.9 trillion relief bill rolling out, Republicans have no real issues to criticize the Biden administration on so they’re reduced to these displays of pettiness. If they had anything substantive to offer the American people they’d be able to focus on that instead of drumming up fake controversy to feed their ever-hungering propaganda beast.

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The entire right-wing discourse on the subject is rendered utterly absurd when one recalls that they supported Donald Trump even after he mocked POWs, attacked the family of a Gold Star service member, and repeatedly insulted the late war hero John McCain. Trump directly and deliberately disrespected the military constantly and conservatives simply stuck their heads in the sand. Now that he’s out of office they’ve returned to pretending to care about our servicemen and women.

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A perusal of some of the conservative tweets on Salutegate quickly reveals it as a pathetic farce.

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