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Boebert’s attack on background checks backfires when Twitter brings up her husband

Boebert’s attack on background checks backfires when Twitter brings up her husband

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With the resurgence of mass shootings in this country over the past weeks, one would think that the notoriously pr0-gun Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) would be trying to keep a low profile as her views on gun regulations clash with the sensibilities and declared preferences of a large majority of Americans for stricter firearms laws.

In a rational world that would likely be true, but — in the post-Trump era — politicians like Rep. Boebert simply become louder and more brazen with their siren calls invoking the GOP death cult to the consternation of Americans tired of reading about the latest massacre with their morning coffee.

Congresswoman Boebert was in rare form this morning as she poured cold water on the notion that Congress would be able to find consensus on the passage of no-brainer regulations requiring that everyone who buys a gun undergo a background check to ensure that they are not a criminal, mentally ill, or have some other condition or transgression that would disqualify them from possessing firearms.

Congresswoman Boebert’s refusal to consider background checks flagrantly omits any reason, good or otherwise, for her opposition to the idea, indicating that she favors allowing the criminally insane to purchase weapons whenever they please with no impediments whatsoever.

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Her position isn’t the least bit surprising coming from someone who owns an establishment called the Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado.

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Nor is her “what-about-ism” trying to change the topic to the fear-mongering GOP issue of illegal immigration rather than confront the real dangers from domestic terrorists, some of whom she counts among her close acquaintances. (We’re looking at you Three Percenters!)

The responses to Boebert’s anti-background check manifesto on social media came fast and furious.

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While it is truly amazing — and incredibly depressing — that someone with Congresswoman Boebert’s limited reasoning skills and underdeveloped sense of morality could ever be elected to Congress in the first place, her continued presence in the House of Representatives — despite her close ties to groups now under investigation for conspiracy to commit sedition — is a travesty that must be rectified as soon as possible with her expulsion from the highest echelons of our federal government.

Call your own representative now and demand that Rep. Boebert be held accountable for her anti-democratic beliefs as soon as possible, unless, of course, you live in her district. In that case, simply vote her out!

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