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Republican gets hammered for complaining that Biden was too prepared for press conference

Republican gets hammered for complaining that Biden was too prepared for press conference

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The Republicans are running out of fake issues to criticize President Biden over. He’s incredibly popular and has already succeeded in passing a $1.9 trillion relief bill that will materially improve the lives of most Americans. Conservatives have been hammering the immigration issue but after four years of Trump’s incredible border cruelty, they don’t have a scrap of credibility left. Perhaps that’s why they’re now trying out the attack line that Biden is somehow too prepared for his job.

Today, Biden held his first official press conference as president, dashing the Fox News peddled conspiracy theory that he is somehow incapable of holding one, and immediately the Republicans set upon him in usual bad faith fashion. Ari Fleischer, a former White House Press Secretary for President George W. Bush, was quick to attack the sitting president because apparently serving under the man who started the disastrous Iraq War has done nothing to curb his turgid ego.

Fleischer criticized Biden for “flipping through a typed, multi-page document,” as if a president consulting notes rather than just making things up on the spot like Trump is somehow unacceptable. Fleischer claimed that he has never seen a president bring such a document to a news conference, a statement which is more an indictment of former presidents than it is Biden.

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“Is he really that week that he needs a study guide?” asked Fleischer, showcasing a typo in keeping with the public perception of his former boss’s intellect.

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The idea that coming prepared to a press conference is somehow weak is a perfect sampling of the kind of pro-ignorance ethos that now animates the entire GOP. They celebrate stupidity, celebrate not knowing, and so of course they see preparation as a weakness. If this is the best they can muster, Biden will skate to reelection.

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The responses to Fleischer—a man who is widely reviled on social media not only for his role in propping up the Bush regime but also for his subsequent unapologetic behavior—were predictably brutal.

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