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Peter Doocy immediately runs and cries about “the list” after Psaki shuts him down

Peter Doocy immediately runs and cries about “the list” after Psaki shuts him down

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Furious at suddenly being sidelined by a Biden administration that has little interest in fending off incessant bad-faith gotcha questions and breathless hyperbole about the situation at the border or the national debt or any of the other Republican pet issues that all of a sudden are of vital national importance again, FOX News is in full tantrum mode.

Shut out of President Biden’s first press conference last night, the right-wing propaganda channel dispatched reporter Peter Doocy to the White House to find out just what was going on. But answers they would not get from White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, who had some fun teasing the right-wing failson and his new obsession with the supposed “list” of networks eligible to ask questions of the President.

Psaki dryly quipped in response that “We’re here having a conversation here, aren’t we? Don’t I take questions from you every time you come to the briefing room? Has the president taken questions from you since he came into office? Yes or no?” When Doocey protested that this was “only after I’ve shouted after he goes through his whole list…I’m just curious about this list!,” Psaki shut him down by saying “I’m always happy to have this conversation with you, even about your awesome socks you’re wearing today, and have a conversation with you, even when we disagree, and I’m doing FOX News Sunday for the third time in the past few months.”

Doocy left the White House and immediately went on FOX News to complain that they weren’t on the list:

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“This list started getting used where the President, when he would host an event…would go through a list of about five people, and those were the ones that he would call on. FOX wound up getting a lot of soundbites from the president because when he was done with *that list* he would linger around to see what I would shout about. That’s great. But yesterday again is one of these situations where somebody on the staff or a lot of people on the staff come up with a list, they give it to him, and if he just decides to stick to the list, then we are left out.”

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It’s about time the rabid jackals in the right-wing “press” corps start getting the slimmest taste of the treatment that journalists suffered through under the Trump administration. Conservative reporters will never ask a question in good faith, nor will they have any questions not specifically designed to elicit some kind of “gotcha moment” that can be immediately packaged and disseminated through the frighteningly extensive and insatiable right-wing grievance preaching network, and don’t deserve the time of day from an administration that is busy trying to solve the crises leftover by the last Republican administration.

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