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Ted Cruz gets roasted for being “heckled” by cartels during Mexican border PR stunt

Ted Cruz gets roasted for being “heckled” by cartels during Mexican border PR stunt

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In the hopes of further driving home their new narrative that the Mexican border has devolved into a full-blown crisis with the swearing-in of Joe Biden as president, a squad of Republican senators went down to spend some time with Border Patrol and snap a bunch of PR photos.

The Senate GOP account on Twitter shared the images and tried to paint Ted Cruz and his fellow goons as courageous heroes who witnessed the alleged crisis first hand and managed to survive getting “heckled by cartels.” What exactly be heckling by cartels means is unclear, but one can’t help but conjure up an image of Cruz on stage at a Texas comedy club as a Sinaloa Cartel sicario hurls verbal abuse at him.

The tweet in question also claimed that the border situation is a “humanitarian crisis,” a deeply disingenuous statement coming from the party that enabled Donald Trump’s cruel family separation policy and remained silent as he repeatedly villainized these people. Republicans don’t actually care about migrants, they just see them as a useful political weapon to use in their attacks against the Biden administration.

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The photos themselves are frankly disgusting, a cheap publicity stunt that seeks to whitewash the Draconian immigration policies that Republicans have championed for decades. If they actually cared about this issue they’d spend more time pushing humane immigration reforms, not posing in front of cameras.

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Unfortunately for whoever runs the @SenateGOP Twitter account, the tweet immediately backfired. The image of Ted Cruz in particular went viral, with many users mocking not only his appearance but the fact that he tried to sneak away to Cancun while his home state of Texas was buffeted by deadly winter storms and power outages. Users also lept all over him for the cringey video he posted on his own Twitter page. This man hopes to one day be president but it’s clear that a large portion of Americans see him for the spineless little weasel he is.

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