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Tucker Carlson admits Republicans are going to elect a fascist to get back at liberals

Tucker Carlson admits Republicans are going to elect a fascist to get back at liberals

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Right-wingers often try to portray their retrograde political believes as a result of the left’s actions. They say that we are so radical that we’ve driven them further to the right, a strategy that was exemplified by the phrase: “This is how you got Trump,” an inane claim that they threw out every time they read or saw something even vaguely progressive.

The idea is, of course, utterly ridiculous. Nobody can drive you further right, you choose to become further right. These people love to harp about personal responsibility and then pretend as if they have no agency in designing and advocating for their own beliefs.

The terminus of this trend is full-blown authoritarianism, something we got a little taste of when Trump incited an actual insurrection against Congress. Republicans are not going to suddenly course correct, they’re going to continue drifting rightward until they seize total control of the country or are rendered completely untenable at the ballot box.

Last night, Tucker Carlson had right-wing Twitter troll Jesse Kelly on his show to spew his reactionary filth. At one point in their conversation, Kelly admitted that the GOP is hurtling towards outright fascism.

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“The right is going to pick a fascist within ten to twenty years,” said Kelly, a stunning statement which Carlson immediately agreed with. Kelly then proceeded to paint this admission not as an indictment of the Republican Party, but as a supposedly natural response to the Democratic Party’s alleged radicalization. The idea that literal fascism is somehow a sane response to calls for government-provided healthcare and less racism is absurd at face value. People like Kelly are fascist, we aren’t making them into something they don’t want to become. A man must own his political beliefs and clearly Kelly is not a man.

The rest of the segment was Kelly whining about how poorly conservatives are supposedly mistreated in this country as if they didn’t hold power for the last four years. This idea that conservatives are victimized is an incredibly perverse inversion of how things actually function in this country. Donald Trump weaponized our institutions against people of color, separated families at the border, shoveled more wealth to the super-rich, and gutted crucial federal agencies.

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Kelly is right that the Republicans will likely nominate a full fascist in the coming decades, which is the most compelling argument imaginable for why nobody can in good conscience vote for a Republican.

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