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CNN reporter publicly calls out FOX News for lying about Biden fact-checks

CNN reporter publicly calls out FOX News for lying about Biden fact-checks

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Out of the exhausting list of outrages, excesses, and atrocities that came to define the Trump administration, none were so ever-present as his incessant, pathological lying. No subject was too important or too petty for him to twist the truth, often seemingly just for the sake of it. The Washington Post concluded that Trump lied some 30,573 times during his four godforsaken years as President.

Such an unceasing barrage of mistruths required the diligent work of a whole army of fact-checkers, who found themselves in the ironic position of being ignored and accused of lying themselves by the president’s supporters. With the transition to a new administration that values a reasonable degree of honesty and transparency, those fact-checkers have obviously had a lot less to do — and FOX News just can’t seem to figure out why. 

Ex-NRA host turned FOX pundit Dan Bongino — a remarkably stupid and cruel man — falsely complained on Friday night that the fact-checkers weren’t being as diligent with Biden as they were with Trump.

“What I find particularly offensive about the media in the new two-month Biden era here is, where are the fact-checkers? Where are the fact-checkers now? They seem to have all disappeared,” groused the GOP diehard, who himself is one of the loudest promoters of the conspiracy theory that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump.

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Anyone with half a brain can quickly deduce that the fact-checkers haven’t gone anywhere; they simply haven’t had to do as much work now that every other word out of the President’s mouth isn’t an outrageous falsehood. They are still hard at work, however, as CNN’s Oliver Darcy was quick to point out to Bongino.

This kind of behavior from FOX hosts is why the Biden team is right to exclude FOX and its reporters from its press conference; when the network isn’t busy actively encouraging violence against the government and promoting white supremacy, they treat every event and issue with bad faith and a reckless disregard for the truth in pursuit of their partisan narrative.

Until FOX News wants to take the job of “the news” seriously instead of dog-whistling Klan members and refusing to demand basic respect for factual accuracy from its contributors, they don’t deserve to be treated with the same respect as real journalists deserve.

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