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Fox News melts down over pair of “Satanic shoes”

Fox News melts down over pair of “Satanic shoes”

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For all their talk of “triggering the libs,” there is nobody more sensitive than American conservatives. They exist in a perpetual state of perceived victimhood, aggrieved and convinced that our society is somehow unfairly stacked against them. It’s why they elected Donald Trump, a whiny husk of a man who became a vessel for all of their grievances. It’s also why they fall to pieces over the smallest of things, be it Hasbro’s Potato Head going gender-neutral, certain Dr. Seuss books going out of production, or a musician releasing a pair of shoes with tongue-in-cheek Satanic references.

The rapper Lil Nas X, real name Montero Lamar Hill, released a new music video for a song entitled MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name). The visually inventive project is unabashedly gay in its imagery and at one point depicts Lil Nas X descending into hell via an absurdly tall stripper pole before proceeding to give the Devil a lap dance.

To promote the video, Montero is also releasing 666 pairs of limited edition modified Nike sneakers complete with a pentagram, a reference to a Bible passage about Satan, and which are said to each contain a drop of human blood provided by employees of the company that designed them. Nike has denied any connection to the project. One has to imagine the entire point of the project is to troll conservatives and in that regard, it has already proven widely successful.

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After the shoes were announced the usual right-wing blowhards promptly had a collective meltdown on Twitter and now Fox News is wading into the controversy. On Fox & Friends yesterday, Pete Hegseth incorrectly stated that Nike created the shoes and raged that the company won’t put the Betsy Ross flag on its shoes but will depict Satanic imagery. He was soon corrected on his mistake but the entire conversation was completely absurd. These are grown men and women clutching their pearls over a publicity stunt from a 21-year-old musician. Surely they cant find better uses for their time.

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Apparently one day’s worth of coverage wasn’t enough to get it out of their system, as Fox mentioned the shoes again today…

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