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Marjorie Taylor Greene rants that President Biden is rolling out the “Mark of the Beast”

Marjorie Taylor Greene rants that President Biden is rolling out the “Mark of the Beast”

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The Republican Party is effectively pro-coronavirus at this point. Every step of the way they’ve complained about the implementation of measures necessary to save lives, raging against mask mandates and insisting that businesses and schools remain open no matter the risks involved.

Now, conservatives are working themselves into a lather over the suggestion that the Biden administration might help roll out “vaccine passports,” a way for people to show they’ve been vaccinated when entering an establishment, traveling through airports, and generally taking part in an activity in which there might be a risk for public transmission. If successful, the program could accelerate our return to normalcy and keep more Americans safe and healthy.

Republicans are trying to paint this incredibly reasonable idea as some historic attack on their rights, in no small part because the GOP is full of anti-vaxxer lunatics. Earlier today, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), a woman known for her support of the QAnon conspiracy theories amongst other equally deranged ideas, took to Twitter to claim that there are conversations going on about tying “people’s ability to buy and sell” to the vaccine passport. (There are not.)

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“They might as well call it Biden’s Mark of the Beast,” Greene added, referencing a symbol from the Book of Revelations that many Christian fundamentalists think will be instituted by the forces of evil at some point in the future. Essentially, Greene is calling President Joe Biden a Satanic force.

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As usual, Greene’s political commentary amounts to the kind of paranoid ravings you might find scrawled across the wall of a public restroom. The sooner this woman and her toxic rhetoric are banished from the square of public discourse the better.

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