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OPINION: Tucker Carlson’s lies are deadly and must be challenged

OPINION: Tucker Carlson’s lies are deadly and must be challenged

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I have known Tucker Carlson since he was just wrong about the issues not dangerous to America.  His show last night was a clear and present danger.  Despite some novel legal arguments, people really do trust him, and some of his millions of viewers may die as a result.

Earlier today in a Fox News segment (video embedded below) where I fight for truth, justice, and the soul of America as a regular guest, I had the pleasure of mixing it up with Mercedes Schlapp, the former guy’s former Deputy White House Communications Director.  Mercedes and I were debating the right’s latest attempt to knock down President Biden’s sky-high approvals for his wise and effective handling of the COVID-19 pandemic response.  This time, the bogeyman she railed against is the so-called “vaccination passport” which the private sector has been requesting to adhere to clear, national standards.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has clearly stated that the passports will be a private sector initiative. There will be no federal database.

But that didn’t stop Tucker Carlson, wrestling cover-up expert Rep. Jim Jordan or House Minority Whip and self-pronounced “David Duke without all the baggage” Steve Scalise and the rest of the right-wing echo chamber from painting vaccine passports as a “left-wing effort to take away your freedom.”

Hell and tarnation to those private companies with their private property rights. Right, Tucker?

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His lies are deadly.

Has the most popular host on Fox News and the Republican Party learned absolutely nothing from the January 6th insurrection? After weeks of being sold the “Big Lie,” a mob directed by the ex-president stormed the Capitol intending to kill members of Congress and overturn the lawfully decided election.

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Far too many Americans believe what these grifters say and act on it.

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Tell them the Government is trying to control them through the vaccine and they believe it.

The coronavirus crisis has been made infinitely worse by lies and fear-mongering, many of which were spread by a one-term, twice impeached maniac in the Oval Office. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have lost their lives as a result.

The Republican Party hates being out of power so much they are willing to risk the lives of the people who support them, rather than adopt sensible policies that could win votes.

I am sure Tucker Carlson, “Gym” Jordan, and Scalise were pushing their way to the front of the vaccine line the minute it was available.

That makes their rhetoric even more despicable, and I will continue to call them out whenever I have the opportunity to do so.

Here’s the video:

Editor’s Note: The above commentary was on Fox News where it was presumably seen by Tucker Carlson’s viewers and not on his program where he refuses to book the author.

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